5. June 2023 @ X10, Prague

Diving into the culture of the Web3 privacy industry

Prague Blockchain Week 2023

If privacy is a human right, then we need to protect it.

Privacy advocates worldwide are coming together to discuss how to mainstream privacy within the Web3 industry. So it will become a cultural phenomenon embodying both decentralisation & anti-surveillance capitalism practices.

The conference complements the research projects Web3Privacy Now and was created by joining forces with the production team of the privacy hackathon ETHBrno.

Key themes

2023 will be a year of privacy regulations. Privacy coins will be banned, mixer's team become anon etc. How do we defend our rights for privacy?


Majority of privacy services are tech oriented. It's hard to use them among non-technical people. What should industry do help people onboard into privacy with ease?


How privacy-enhancing tools could protect DAOs working within non-democratic countries.


Decentralised identity is the key to Web3, but at the same time to KYC & AML. Ethical way of building DID without embedded surveillence logic.


Full-Stack Privacy is achievable if we ensivion one. Combining both on-chain & off-chain privacy.


We need resilient privacy-preserving, p2p communication layers for Web3, that allows free and uncensored human-to-human, machine-to-machine or hybrid communication.


For solarpunk to succeed it must integrate the lunarpunk unconscious. The only hope for solarpunk is to go dark. Do you agree?


There are many different cryptography technics for privacy preservation. How to balance them all & avoid 1-tool chokepoint?


Introduction of the privacy scoring mechanism to help non-tech people understand security level of the solution


Why are privacy-blockchain socials so toxic? How could we stop hating each other & work together


Mapping down tools to protect privacy industry: from builders like Alexey Pertsev to projects.


Time ot imagine the network state-as-a-grassroots movement for privacy, freedom & better future.


Easy onboarding to cryptocurrencies without KYC/AML using peer-to-peer tools is crucial for privacy. What options do we have today?


Founder of Secret Network, CEO SCRT Labs


Humanist, solarpunk, Founder of DoinGud & ETH Barcelona


Educator, writer, cryptoanarchist & biohacker


Hacker, Co-Founder of Bordel Hackerspace

We keep adding more and more speakers, stay tuned ...

Web3 privacy advocate


Creator of lunarpunk hackathons & events

WIP. The final schedule will be published a few weeks before the conference in May 2023.
Main stage
time topic
9:00 9:30
Registration & networking
9:30 9:35
Welcome to Web3Privacy ― TBA

Welcoming visitors to our private-centric research, community and conference

9:35 10:55
Talks I. - TBA
10:55 11:20
25min Coffee Break
11:25 12:40
Talks II. - TBA
12:40 14:00
Lunch & Networking
14:00 15:40
Talks III. - TBA
15:40 16:05
25min Coffee Break
16:10 18:30
Talks IV. - TBA
18:30 18:35
Closing Remarks ― TBA
18:30 20:00
Networking & Drinks
20:00 4:00
#Lunarpunk party

Enjoy our afterparty in Lunarpunk style with quality Prague rave DJs, which will take place in the same venue until the morning (4am).

Workshop stage
time topic
09:35 10:55
Workshops I. - TBA
10:55 11:20
25min Coffee Break
11:25 12:40
Workshops II. - TBA
12:40 14:00
Lunch & Networking
14:00 15:40
Workshops III. - TBA
15:40 16:05
25min Coffee Break
16:10 18:30
Workshops IV.
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  • 8pm - morning
  • Prague rave from top DJs
  • VJs and projections
  • "Privacy experience"
  • Networking with attendees, speakers & sponsors
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What is Web3Privacy Now?

Web3privacy now is a research project aimed at building a culture of privacy industry in web3: the most extensive database of privacy-enhancing solutions, the framework for PEDApps ideation, use-cases database & many more.

What is Prague Blockchain Week?

Prague Blockchain Week 2023 (#PBW23) is a decentralized gathering of all people interested in cryptocurrencies and related topics. It consists of many independent events across Jun 2 - 11, including conferences, hackathons, workshops, community meetups, as well as various parties and happy hours.

Who is the event for?

Our event is for 300 people interested in privacy topics in the Web3 industry. We aim to make our content accessible to everyone - rather than going into deep technical detail, we'll discuss privacy topics in their broader context.

When will tickets go on sale? What will be the payment options?

Tickets will go on sale in late February 2023. Payment will be possible via credit card, Bitcoin (on-chain), Lightning Network or possibly other cryptocurrencies.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer discounted tickets (up to 100%!) for independent developers, students and especially active privacy advocates or open-source contributors to private protocols or tools. If you are interested in a discount, please fill out this form.

How do I get to the venue?

Venue X10 (full name "Divadlo X10") is located in the centre of Prague near the metro station Národní Třída (Line B) and Můstek (Line A,C). The address is Charvátova 10/39, Prague 1, 110 00 (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap).

Will the talks be livestreamed and/or recorded?

Yes, we're planning both. A livestream of the conference and recordings of the talks and panels will be publicly available after the conference.

I have another question, where can I contact you?

You can contact the organizing team or the community around the event in our public Signal group: chat.web3privacy.info